9:00 - 9:10 - Welcome

9:10 - 9:20 - Discuss "purposes of schools" assessment

9:20 - 9:50 - Discuss "purposes of schools"

To Do:
  • Before your group's meeting on Friday,
  • On Friday,
    • In lieu of our regular class session, meet in small groups (time and location is up to you), to complete the following discussion task in preparation for your unit assessment:
    • 1. From your group select a group leader, a notetaker, a synthesizer, and a researcher. The group leader guides the discussion and keeps everyone on task and participating. The notetaker takes notes on the discussion. The synthesizer writes the summary and position statement. The researcher finds additional information as needed to answer the group's questions during the conversation.
    • 2. Each individual should read the following links:
    • 3. As a group, discuss first the pros and then the cons of charter schools.
    • 4. Together come up with a list of 3-5 lingering questions you have about charter schools. What additional information do you need to really make an informed judgment? What makes this issue complicated? What are possible angles that people firmly on one side or the other might be missing or obscuring?
    • 5. Spend about 15 minutes doing additional research -- be aware that this is a hot issue and most information you find will be slanted one way or another. Be aware of the bias of the source and search for multiple perspectives.
    • 6. As a group, share what you learned with each other.
    • 7. As a group, come up with your position on the issue of charter schools. The synthesizer will capture the group's ideas in a paragraph explaining your position and rationale. (You don't have to land firmly on one side or the other -- your stance could be leaning pro or con with particular caveats or "it depends on . . . " statements. However, you do need to have a clear statement of your position with a rationale.)
    • Your notes should go on GoogleDocs under "misc assignments." Your position statement should be posted on the discussion board of this page. (Sign in. Click on the conversation bubble icon next to the edit button.)
  • Unit assessment for "purposes of schools" is described on the main 101 page. Due Oct 11.