10:15 - 11:30 - Quiz

11:30 - 12:00 - Teaching Demo (Grace, Christina, Katie)

12:00 - 12:05 - Closure

  • Housekeeping: On Thursday, I will be at a conference in Philadelphia. During class time, you will meet in groups to discuss your service learning placement.

Service Learning Group Discussion Guidelines

  1. Meet for one hour. Each person should be prepared to share the following:
    1. An overview of the organization where you’re placed and a summary of your responsibilities as a volunteer (What did you do and why?)
    2. Some particularly memorable experiences where you felt particularly challenged, successful, and/or learned something especially valuable
    3. Questions relating to education and the social context of schooling that have arisen from your experience
    4. Connections between your experience and 101 course content
    5. Select someone to be the discussion leader to keep the discussion focused and ensure that everyone participates.
    6. Take notes during the conversation
    7. Write a 1 page reflection on your GoogleDocs Journal by 11/19
      1. Include the following information: names of participants, date and time of your meeting, name of discussion leader
      2. Explain what you learned from each person in your group (one paragraph for each participant) and relate their experiences to your own
      3. Write one paragraph summarizing your contribution to the discussion
      4. Write one paragraph explaining what your group discussed in terms of how your experiences connected to 101 course content
Discussion Groups

1. Grace, Megan, Taylor, Alley J, Katie M
2. Hailey B, Kelsey, Katie F, Lauren, Nicole, Jordan
3. Rosa, DrieAnn, Christina, Lily, Hayley S., Emily
4. Andrea, Sarah, Kate, Ande, Michaela, Ally W.