1st period – 9:30 – 10:21 –
  • Half of you (Drew, Matt Sheber Howard, Rani, Nathan, Haley) will be observing in Mersi Steggall’s 8th grade English class. While you are observing, you will be writing questions and observations in your learning journal.
  • The other half (Adriana, Quinn, Laura, Matt Ryan, Nick, Katie) will have professional workshop where we will discuss classroom management and continue our work on writing learning targets.

2nd period – 10:25 – 11:17 – Same as first period, but reversed. The second group will be observing in Molly Via’s class.

3rd period – 11:21 – 12:00 – Debrief and questions with Julie and Anali (the literacy coaches/teacher leaders at Garry)
Professional Workshop

1. Review DAMMP
  • Descriptive
  • Achievable
  • Measurable
  • Memorable
  • Purposeful

2. Evaluate objectives based on DAMMP. Assign the objective a grade with a rationale. Propose a revision.

3. Given an ELA standard and a text, write a possible learning target. (Turn in for formative feedback)

4. Discuss classroom management readings.

  • Create an account on www.sharemylesson.com
  • Search for these two lesson plans: "Latin Roots & Prefixes Mini Lesson 1" and "Steretypes and Tonto"
    • Carefully read/review both lesson plans and the accompanying materials.The purpose is to gain some familiarity with the genre of lesson plans.
    • In your learning journal, respond to these prompts.
      • What is the "job" of a lesson plan? Who is the audience? What are some essential components of a lesson plan?
      • If you were to come up with a set of criteria (similar to DAMMP) to evaluate a lesson plan, what would they be?