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Final Project Assignment Template
  • Directions:
  • Grading criteria:
    • Objectives follow DAMMP criteria and are connected to a learning standard.
    • Clear alignment between opening, objective, instruction, learning activities, assessment, and closure.
    • Lesson plan is written with sufficient clarity and detail that an outside reader can visualize your intentions. Describe lesson content and pedagogical process.
    • Lesson engages students in higher order thinking (more than just information take in and recall)
    • Lesson includes appropriate scaffolding (i.e. chunking, layering, modeling, formative assessment)
    • Lesson actively engages students in interesting, purposeful activities, ideas, and materials.
    • Lesson plan and instructional materials are polished and professional. Support materials follow basic design principles.
  • Teaching demonstration:
    • You will teach a 10-minute segment of your lesson illustrating your professional competency to:
      • Set the stage
      • Teach a new concept
      • Organize a learning activity (probably there won't be time for student to complete this; you can fast forward)
      • Assess student learning
      • Close a lesson
    • You will be scored based on the course competency chart.
    • Your lessons will be video-recorded.
    • You will write a professional reflection/analysis of teaching using this template:

  • Lead the class in a 10 minute (will be timed) review of the previous class(es).
  • Criteria:
    • Focuses on a few key concepts, not a comprehensive overview
    • Is a facilitated, interactive activity
    • Students do the thinking, talking, and acting - NOT direct instruction
    • Obviously prepared with effective instructional materials

  • Lead the class in a 5-7 minute closure (will be timed) that elicits students' understanding of/progress towards the objective and provides a meaningful closure to the class session
  • Criteria:
    • Focuses on a few key concepts, not a comprehensive overview
    • Can be individual or interactive, but should allow students to individually assess their own learning
    • Students do the thinking, talking, and acting - NOT direct instruction

Course Resources

Course Calendar

Session 1 - Establishing Instructional Goals
July 26 (Wed)
Intro to the course; Writing lesson objectives based on standards
  • Notetaker: Joanna, Britta

Session 2 - Crafting a Basic Lesson
July 27 (Thur)
Components of a lesson plan; "Teach a new concept," direct instruction
  • Notetaker(s): Matthew, Mackenzie, Landan
  • Reviewers: Madison
  • Closers: Lacy

Session 3 - Teaching a New Concept

July 31 (Mon)
Teaching a new concept; creating materials; inquiry-based instruction; opening a lesson
  • Notetaker(s): Jennifer, Stephen, Madison
  • Reviewers: Landan, Maria
  • Closers: Rachel

  • P.E.T. - Inquiry-based Instruction (printed copy & BB)
  • Prepare a 7-minute teaching demo illustrating your ability to "teach a new concept"
    • Write a teaching outline that includes the following:
      • Objective and linked standard
      • Steps for teaching that include introduce, inform, inspire, interact (these elements are not linear)
        • Questions you will ask to check for understanding
        • Key concepts you will teach
    • Design five slides to support your mini-lesson
    • Rehearse and time your lesson
    • You will present your lesson on Monday!

Session 4 - Orchestrating Active Learning

Aug 1 (Tue)
Organize and monitor a learning activity; creating instructional materials, cooperative learning
  • Notetaker(s): Richard, Ashley, Lacy
  • Reviewers: Stephen, Terence
  • Closers: Emily S, Madeline


Session 5 - Facilitating a Learning Conversation

Aug 2 (Wed)
Checking for understanding, discussion-based instruction, deploy core management techniques
  • Notetaker(s): Rachel, Maria, Emily S
  • Reviewers: Mackenzie, Richard
  • Closers: Emily M


Session 6 - Differentiating Instruction

Aug 3 (Thur)
Scaffolding a complex concept, differentiating by product, process, content
  • Notetaker(s): Terence, Emily M, Madeline
  • Reviewers: Ashley, Joanna
  • Closers: Britta, Matthew


Final Project
  • Upload to BB by August 7 at noon