Hello and Goodbye in languages around the world!

Partial List of Languages and Nationalities Represented in Spokane Area Schools

Russian (Russia, Ukraine)
Ukrainian (Ukraine)
Spanish (Mexico, Cuba)
Marshallese (Marshall Islands)
  • Language - Anny1 Anny1
  • Culture
  • Education
Vietnamese (Vietnam)
  • Language- HTye HTye
  • Historical/Cultural Overview
  • Education
KaRen (Burma/Myanmar)
Chin (Burma/Myanmar)
Burmese (Burma/Myanmar)
Nepali (Nepal)
Arabic (Iraq, Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan)
Swahili (Tanzania)
Somali (Somalia)
- gracea93 gracea93gracea93
Dzongkha (Bhutan)
French (Congo, Rwanda)
Lingala (Congo)

Language and Culture Moment - Guidelines

Select one of the following options to present a 5-7 minute mini-lesson:
  • Language Overview
    • Introduction to the language - where it is spoken, brief description of key characteristics of the language
    • similarities and differences to English
    • 2-3 links for further information
    • a list of 5 common phrases a teacher could use with links to correct pronunciation
  • Cultural Overview
    • Show the nation/region on a world map and provide a few important, basic facts about the nation/region
    • Present a sample of 3-5 cultural characteristics (focus on what would be most relevant to a school context); include products, practices, perspectives and values
    • On the wiki page, post several images, a map, 2-3 links
  • Education Overview
    • Describe the educational system in the selected nation/region including who has access to high-quality schooling
    • Identify similarities and differences to the U.S. educational system
    • On the wiki page, post several images and 2-3 links